Privacy Policy

At pan world shipping services, we prioritize our customer’s privacy. This privacy policy contains all the information that we collect and share with our customers. As a multimodal logistics company, we find it necessary to protect the privacy of our customers.

This privacy policy applies to the online users who visit our website only. This policy is not applicable for any information collected offline or via any other channels. By using our website, you allow us to collect your personal information and store it to improve our website’s quality.

What information does Pan World Shipping Services collect?

IP Address

We collect and store the IP addresses of our customers to improve the quality of our website. This information is collected only to keep our website secure from all kinds of threats. All the data stays within the servers of our network.

Third-party links

This privacy policy does not apply to any third-party links associated with the website. This website contains specific links from third-party websites such as advertisers and other associated businesses for essential purposes. All these websites have their privacy policy. By visiting their website, you agree to their privacy terms, and pan world shipping services do not warrant any of them.


This website collects cookies to improve the performance of our website to provide better results to our customers. Cookies enable the system to identify the users and their preferences to provide better results. Cookies contain specific information from users: a unique identifier, user preferences, and personal information.

Finance related information

Pan World Shipping Services, in no case, collect any financial information of our users. All the data collected during the transaction is collected and shared in the encrypted form only. We take complete responsibility to keep the private credentials of our customers secure.

How do we use the personal data of our users?

We can disclose the data of our customers for several reasons that include:

  • We reserve exclusive rights to use this information to protect our website from all kinds of threats. In case of any misuse and breach of this privacy policy, we can take strict action against the user.
  • We use this information for the service requests by our customers, such as fulfilling payment requests, responding to queries related to your packages, and other recommendations made by our customers.
  • To improve the quality of our website by making it more user-friendly and relevant to them.
  • To inform our users about any changes made to this policy.
  • To update our users with the latest advancements in the products and services of our services. We use this information to inform them about the latest products and offers.
  • The data is used to prevent our website from all kinds of threats and for taking legal actions. In case of any threats, we can use the personal information to take strict legal steps against them for penalizing them.
  • For making registrations with our customers and verifying their data.

Do we share our data with others?

Pan World Shipping services takes complete responsibility for the safety and confidentiality of our user’s personal information. We can share personal information with subsidiaries and our affiliates located in different jurisdictions to fulfill the needs of our clients. We also share this information with service providers and other third parties, including Government sources, to comply with their regulations.

In certain circumstances, we may need to share your personal information with many third parties, such as fulfilling legal requirements or court orders, at your request and identifying online theft. We take full measures to keep our user’s data safe. In any case of theft and threat to their data, we take strict actions to save them.