Liner Services

With our innovative approach and cost-effective strategies, we are able to handle Liner Services efficiently. Pan World Shipping services allow you to move an assortment of freight on predetermined schedules at high capacity. Our years of experience have enabled us to form long-term connections with shipping agents overseas. We are the most dynamic and reliable Logistics services provider in India, offering impeccable services to an array of customers across the Globe.

Why Choose Us for Liner Services?

  • We provide our own 20” and 40” open top and flat rack containers to and from India, China, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman & Iraq.
  • Our cost-effective and reliable Liner services help you carry different types of freight, with spaces such as bales, packages, boxes and barrels, drums, and reefer (refrigerated containers).
  • Our vast network of shipping agents on all the major and minor ports inside and outside India helps us provide specialized Liner services across the Globe.

Highlights of our services

  • Years of experience in the industry.
  • Vast networking
  • Easy at quick delivery
  • Efficient prices with solid paperwork.
  • Safe and secure transit process.
  • Streamlined services at predetermined routes.